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This will be my second Chicago Marathon. I ran for U2FP last year and am excited to be running for this organization again!  I loved seeing people of the organization cheering me on at the marathon last year!  Now that I know I can get through a marathon, I would like to beat my time from last year. My goal for the 2019 year is to run over 600 miles :)
Fun Fact:  I love listening to music while I run and just get in my zone.  My favorite song is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.

City: Lombard, IL
Profession: 2nd Grade Teacher
Race Goal: 4 hours 40 minutes

ABOUT 2019 Chicago Marathon: Team U2FP

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is proud to be an official charity team for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2019. Team U2FP is a group of passionate, hard working runners and wheelchair racers committed to racing the 26.2 miles and fundraising to advance research towards a cure for spinal cord injury.

The team raised over $125,000 in the past few years. All funds directly support our mission: to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Thank you for your support!

Name Date Amount Comments
Julie Johnson 10/13/2019 $25.00 Good luck!
Jennifer Nigliaccio 10/08/2019 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/30/2019 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/21/2019 $50.00 Go for it!!
Steve Baker 09/21/2019 $15.00 So Proud of you Patti!!! Run like the Wind !!!!!! Praying for a safe amazing Marathon!
Ann Plotke 09/17/2019 $25.00  
Caisey Schneider 09/17/2019 $25.00 You go girl!!!
Carol Biernat 09/16/2019 $100.00 Glad to see u running this marathon again. Very proud of you!
Elizabeth Castillo 09/15/2019 $100.00 Good luck!!
Jessica Runge 09/15/2019 $100.00 Good Luck!!! Xoxo
Patty Frerichs 09/15/2019 $25.00  
Amy Dryden 09/12/2019 $50.00 Good luck Patti!!
Kate Rahn 09/09/2019 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2019 $25.00  
Heather Stefanski 09/06/2019 $100.00 I'm so proud of you Patti! Best of luck in the marathon! You got this!
Colin Gray 09/06/2019 $100.00 Go Patti!
Diane Van De Velde 09/06/2019 $75.00 Run Patti Run!! Enjoy running and helping people at the same time!
Lillian Moss 09/06/2019 $25.00 Good Luck, Patti! Go, Go, Go! You are impressive!
Renee Hoovel 09/05/2019 $100.00  
Eric Papenhagen 09/05/2019 $100.00  
Kima Spaulding 09/03/2019 $100.00 Best of joy to you Patti! You are such a dedicated runner and loyal friend!! Love all the Spaulding’s
Tara Corral 09/03/2019 $25.00  
Peter Whitlaw 09/02/2019 $125.00  
Gabby Lynch 08/30/2019 $20.00 You’ve got this Patti!
Carol Czaplicki 08/30/2019 $25.00  
Don Goers 08/23/2019 $15.00 Go Patti!
Lisa Ramos 08/21/2019 $25.00 You Got This Patti!!!
Colleen Rostis 08/19/2019 $25.00 Patti- you are an amazing person I am proud to call my friend! GO PATTI!
Shannon Buenik 08/16/2019 $25.00 Good luck Patti!
Valerie Sweitzer 08/13/2019 $20.00 Way to go!
Melissa Schmitz 08/12/2019 $25.00 Enjoy the training journey and kick some butt!
Jennifer Schindler 08/09/2019 $100.00 Proud of you Patti! Training hard and raising money for a great cause!
Renee Marconi 08/06/2019 $25.00  
Tracy San Roman 08/05/2019 $25.00 Best of luck Patti!
Catherine Neumann 08/05/2019 $100.00  
Krissy Knightly 07/30/2019 $50.00 You are a rockstar!! I know you will beat your time this year! So proud of you!
Michelle Lewan 07/29/2019 $50.00  
Kathryn Mahoney 06/04/2019 $5.00 Patti, we're thrilled to have you back this year. Thank you for supporting U2FP!!
  Total $1,890.00  
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