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My connection to Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is both professional and personal. I lead a research lab at Marquette University that focuses on spinal cord injury. U2FP was an early supporter as I established the lab, helping to connect me with funding organizations and other researchers. I have attended several Working 2 Walk meetings and always come away energized. On the personal side, my mom suffered a cervical injury when I was 13 and lived for 27 years as a quadriplegic. U2FP has a unique and valuable place in the spinal injury landscape. With U2FP I feel at home, both as a scientist and as the son of someone with an injury. I think that speaks to the power of the organization to unify the different stakeholders and keep us pointed in the right direction. I have gotten a lot from U2FP, so I suppose I’m running to raise awareness about this amazing group and to hopefully pay back a little energy and support.

FUN FACTS: This is my 3rd marathon!

I crave carbs after I run, and like to use that time for thinking.

City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Profession: Professor

Fundraising Goal: $1750

Race Goal (time/just finish!): 4 hours

ABOUT 2019 Chicago Marathon: Team U2FP

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is proud to be an official charity team for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2019. Team U2FP is a group of passionate, hard working runners and wheelchair racers committed to racing the 26.2 miles and fundraising to advance research towards a cure for spinal cord injury.

The team raised over $125,000 in the past few years. All funds directly support our mission: to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Thank you for your support!

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